Where to Eat in Copenhagen

Where to Eat in Copenhagen

Explore the reasons behind Copenhagen's recently thriving culinary scene and delve into the key elements of Danish gastronomy. Uncover the best dining spots, discover typical Copenhagen products, and much more.

Over the past few years, Copenhagen has emerged as a culinary powerhouse, with the Noma restaurant near Christiania repeatedly earning the title of the world's best restaurant. The city boasts several Michelin-starred establishments, and Denmark has produced numerous globally acclaimed chefs.

Danish cuisine is defined by its incorporation of meat, fish, and vegetables into nearly all recipes. While typical Danish dishes are known for their simplicity, they are equally delightful. Copenhagen's culinary scene showcases a fusion of French, German, and Scandinavian influences, creating a delectable and harmonious blend.

Typical Danish dishes

  • Smørrebrød: This quintessential Danish lunch, enjoyed in Copenhagen and throughout Denmark, features a slice of wholemeal bread generously spread with butter and adorned with toppings like smoked salmon, various meats, boiled eggs, and pickles. The specific ingredients may vary across different establishments.
  • Sild: Herring takes center stage as the primary fish in Denmark. In Copenhagen, you'll encounter herring served in diverse ways, including smoked, stewed, marinated with vinegar, and more.
  • Frikadeller: These delectable meatballs, filled with pork or fish, are often paired with potato sauce and pickles. Street stalls in Copenhagen readily offer this popular Danish dish.
  • Krebinetter: Similar to a pork pie, krebinetter is another dish commonly found in Copenhagen's restaurants and street vendors.
  • "Red" hot dogs: Copenhagen's street stalls boast the famed red sausage hot dog, a quick and satisfying option for curbing hunger or enjoying an alfresco dinner.
  • Wienerbrød: A delectable puff pastry with a spiral shape, infused with cinnamon and chocolate flavors, Wienerbrød stands out as Copenhagen's signature sweet treat.
  • Flæskesteg: This dish features thin slices of roast pork, showcasing the abundance of pork, a staple in Danish cuisine.
  • Pork belly: Frequently served with parsley sauce and boiled potatoes, pork belly is a common and flavorful offering in Copenhagen.
  • Danish cheese: Renowned globally, Danish cheeses such as Havarti, Samsoe, and Danablu are enjoyed throughout the day, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Smoked salmon: A classic dish in Copenhagen, smoked salmon mirrors its popularity in other Scandinavian capitals like Oslo.
  • Danish pastries: Indulge in the famous Danish butter pastries, a delightful treat that graces the tables of Copenhagen, reminiscent of those found in many Spanish homes.

Best Places to Eat in Copenhagen

Copenhagen boasts a plethora of restaurants and cafes spread throughout the city. For those without budget constraints, Gothersgade Street or the eateries along Nyhavn Canal are ideal choices, with the renowned Noma ranking as the world's best restaurant.

Alternatively, if you're looking to save some money, exploring Copenhagen's street stalls can be a cost-effective option. These small stalls are conveniently located near major tourist attractions, offering a variety of fast and budget-friendly options like hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, and waffles.

A noteworthy mention is Copenhagen Street Food, a hub for affordable dining. Situated near the harbor in Christianshavn, this street features numerous international food stalls offering Chinese, Thai, French, Indian, and Danish cuisine, among others. Prices are considerably more budget-friendly compared to traditional restaurants in Copenhagen.

Restaurant Opening Hours

When dining in Copenhagen, it's important to note that restaurants typically close earlier than in many other parts of Europe. Lunch is usually served at around 1 pm, and restaurants close at around 9 or 10 pm. While street stalls may have more flexible hours, especially on weekends, we recommend arriving at restaurants in Copenhagen early.