Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle

Nestled along the shores of the Baltic Sea is Kronborg Castle, famously associated with Shakespeare's Hamlet. Discover the key attractions and find out how to get to this iconic Danish castle from Copenhagen.

Situated in the coastal town of Elsinore, Kronborg Castle stands out as one of Denmark's UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In the early 15th century, Danish King Erich of Pomerania began the construction of a fortress in the northern region to tax merchant ships navigating the Baltic Sea.

Over the centuries, this fortress evolved into a magnificent Renaissance palace and even became the largest in Europe for a considerable period. Kronborg Castle served various purposes, transforming into a military hub, a prison, and even a temporary residence for the King of Denmark. Today, it houses the Maritime and Trade Museum.

Hamlet's Castle

Kronborg Castle, a significant source of inspiration for William Shakespeare, served as the backdrop for one of his most iconic plays, Hamlet. Visiting the castle, you can explore the rooms and corridors where the late king's ghost reveals his murderer to Hamlet. Each summer, Kronborg Castle hosts performances of Hamlet.

Beyond the theatrical connections, visitors to Kronborg can explore the armory, the grand banquet hall, the church, and the underground passages. Within these passages lies the statue of legendary Danish hero Holger, destined to awaken only in times of war when Denmark requires his aid.

Kronborg in the 21st century

Currently, Kronborg Castle continues to function as a royal residence. King Frederik X hosts international guests at Kronborg on exceptional occasions, offering them the unique opportunity to stay in Hamlet's castle. The historic cannons of Kronborg are ceremoniously fired whenever the King's yacht sails by.

Notably, during Denmark's presidency of the European Union in 2012, former Queen Margrethe convened a summit with 25 European prime ministers at Kronborg Castle. The rooms don't have any electricity, and the main chambers don't even have bathrooms, which makes for an experience steeped in medieval authenticity.


January to April: Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm
May to October: daily from 10 am to 5 pm
November to December: Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm


Adults: 145 kr (US$ 21)
Students: 135 kr (US$ 19.60)
Children under 17 years old: free