Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport is conveniently located just 6 miles (9 kilometers) away from the city center. Learn how to get to downtown Copenhagen from Copenhagen-Kastrup Airport via subway, train, or bus.

Opened in 1925, Copenhagen-Kastrup Airport is one of the Nordic countries' largest airports, hosting over 23 million passengers annually. Comprising three terminals, the airport features currency exchange offices and extends its services to the Swedish city of Malmö.

Copenhagen is well-connected to various European capitals, such as Paris, Madrid, Berlin, and Stockholm, as well as tons of other global cities like New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Bangkok, making it a frequent destination.

A complimentary shuttle bus links all three terminals to facilitate internal transportation within the airport. In Terminal 3, passengers can conveniently access subway, train, and bus stops to get to the city center.

How Do You Get from the Copenhagen Airport to the City Center?


The fastest and most comfortable mode of transportation from Copenhagen Airport to the city center is by train. Every ten minutes, trains leave Airport Terminal 3 for Hovedbanegården station.

The journey from the airport to Copenhagen Central Station costs 36 kr (US$ 5.20).


Traveling from the airport to Copenhagen via the subway is an alternative and convenient choice. The ticket cost to the city center is 36 kr (US$ 5.20), which is the same as the train, but the commute is slightly longer—approximately thirty minutes.

The primary advantage of the subway is its round-the-clock timetable, although the frequency decreases to 20 minutes at night. Throughout the day, subways run every 5 minutes.


Another option for reaching the center of Copenhagen from the airport involves using the city buses available at Terminal 3. Bus 5A establishes a connection between the airport and Copenhagen Central Station, whereas lines 35 and 36 extend to various parts of the city.

Tickets are priced at 36 kr (US$ 5.20) and can be acquired directly on the bus using cash.


The most convenient, albeit pricier, choice is a taxi ride from the airport to Copenhagen. The ride typically lasts around 20 minutes and costs about 35 (US$ 37.90).