Taxis in Copenhagen

Taxis in Copenhagen

How much is a taxi from downtown to the airport in Copenhagen? Is it possible to reserve a taxi in advance? Here, we'll lay out all the details regarding standard fares, cab stands, and other useful information.

Cabs in Copenhagen rank among the most expensive modes of transportation, with fares that stand out as some of the highest in Europe. Despite the cost, it's worth knowing about a few cab stands and phone numbers for the city's taxis when needed.

Cabs are readily available at nearly every point in the center of Copenhagen, easily recognizable by their distinctive yellow and black appearance. Most of these taxis accept card payments.


As per the pricing standard in Copenhagen, taxis can be quite expensive in comparison with other European capitals, like Madrid. Below, you'll find listed the prices of a few common routes when taking a cab:

  • Lowered flag: 25 kr (US$ 3.60)
  • Kilometer traveled from Monday to Friday: 14 kr (US$ 2)
  • Kilometer traveled on the weekend: 18 kr (US$ 2.60)

Other Common Routes

For an approximation of other common routes, below you'll find a list of prices and trajectories often taken by taxis:

Cab Stands in Copenhagen

While you're sure to find taxis at every major monument in Copenhagen, the main stands for taxis in the capital city are located near Central Station, the National Gallery of Denmark, and Tivoli Gardens.

Phone Numbers

  • Amager-Øbro: the most used company in Copenhagen, contact them at +45 27 27 27 27.
  • DanTaxi: +45 48 48 48 48.

Renting a Car

If you prefer to make your way through Copenhagen at your own pace, renting a car for a few hours or however long you may like is best. Simply make an account via the app, wait for your identity and license to be verified, and find a car near your location.

Car rentals by the hour are a great alternative to getting yourself around Copenhagen. They come already insured and have a preference when finding a parking spot in the city. The following are a few suggested rental companies in Copenhagen: