Freetown Christiania

Freetown Christiania

"You are now entering the European Union" is the sign that separates Christiania from the rest of Copenhagen. This self-governed bohemian neighborhood is unlike any other place on Earth.

Right in the heart of the Danish capital, you'll find the neighborhood with the most impact in Copenhagen: Christiania. This historically hippy neighborhood boasts a certain lifestyle that's difficult to find anywhere else.

Early Christiania

In the early 70s, an area of the Christianshavn neighborhood was used as a military base that later became abandoned. A few families from Copenhagen decided to move into the area to live away from the established rules of society at the time. Soon, more families arrived looking for the same sense of liberty, thus turning it into an intentional community that thrives under self-governance with its own rules: Christiania.

Currently, more than 1,000 people live in Freetown Christiania. It's considered an independent town, free from Denmark and the European Union, as remarked on the famous sign when crossing back into Copenhagen: "You are now entering the European Union."

Over the course of nearly five decades, Christiania has consistently maintained its status as a self-governing community, guided by self-imposed principles such as recycling, the promotion of art, emphasis on fresh air, and a commitment to fostering a sense of overall community living among neighbors. In Christiania, residents enjoy the unique benefit of being exempt from taxes, leading to significantly lower prices for their products. This makes Christiania an ideal destination for shopping in Copenhagen, offering an array of authentic, handcrafted souvenirs made by locals, thrift shops, and charming watercolor postcards.

Drug Regulations in Christiania

Since 1971, Freetown Christiania has made a name for itself by legalizing the sale and consumption of marijuana. Due to controversy in recent years, however, the Copenhagen police have increased surveillance of the area, and the government has banned the sale of drugs.

Regardless, it's still straightforward to find marijuana in the city. Pusher Street, decorated with red lanterns, is the city's main avenue, where you can find street carts that you can buy from directly. However, you'll find various shops throughout the town also specializing in selling products for consumption.

The only rule on Pusher Street– no photos allowed.

An Unparalleled View

Christiania is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing sites to visit in Copenhagen. The free-wheeling environment is sure to win your heart over! At any time of day, you can enjoy a drink, listen to street performers, and appreciate the unique atmosphere.

When stopping in Christiania, rest assured you're entering a peaceful town free of violence and vandalism. As long as you respect the rules set in place and take very good care to keep your camera tucked away while on Pusher Street, you'll happily enter a new world—the town of Christiania.